Funding Student Organizations

Organizations are limited to ONE fundraiser per month (This must occur within ONE day or 24 hour period).

Student organizations have many options to acquire funds for events.



About Us

The Office of Student Life Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life advocates for all students, amplifies the collective student voice, and facilitates the UTHSCSA student experience through student leadership initiatives, community building, campus-wide events, and wellness programming.

Guiding Values

Community– we want all students to have a sense of belonging while forging friendships and creating memories.

Wellness– we foster opportunities for healthy lifestyles and enjoyment through physical fitness and social activities.

Advocacy– we champion student needs by giving them voice and going the extra mile when needed.

Activity Request Form Test

Activity Request Form
This includes any establishment that has a
The email typed in this field will receive a notification that they have a Student Organization Activity Request Form to review. The Faculty Advisor will review and an approval or denial will be sent to the Office of Student Life Program Coordinator: Bridgedette Ynman (Ynman@uthscsa.edu). The Office of Student Life will send you the results of the form within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the approval or denial from the Faculty Advisor.
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Blue Card Resources

ADA/ Civil Rights (210) 567-2691
Bursar’s Office (210) 567-2556
Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics (210) 567-2556
Counseling Services (210) 567-2648
Financial Aid (210) 567-2635
Gold’s Gym (210) 615-3838
International Services (210) 567-6241
Library (210) 567-2440
Registrar’s Office (210) 567-2621
Student Health Center (210) 567-9355 –  Needle-stick Incident Report
Student Life (210) 567-2654

Additional Resources

Campus Map
Social Media Directory



Depositing Funds Into Your Account


Complete a CashReceiptsVoucherClick here for directions to fill out the cash recipt voucher.

Deposits may be a combination of Cash and Checks (must be stamped by Office of Student Life).

Take deposit monies and 2 copies of cash receipt voucher to the Bursar’s  Office between 8:15am and 4:45pm. Bring a copy signed by Bursar’s Office back to the Office of Student Life for record keeping. It is suggested that you get a copy for your records as well.

Filling Out a Cash Receipt Voucher

Fill in the date in which you are making the deposit and list your organization name under department.

Your account number will ALWAYS be 545005.

Your PID # is your organization’s Project ID#. You should know this number by heart or have it in an easily accessible area.

Under description, provide an explanation of what monies you are depositing (for example, “t-shirt fundraiser,” “bake sale,” etc). 

List the total of your entire deposit.

Break up your deposit into cash, check, or credit transaction. You do not have to be specific on the cash transaction, you can simply list the total cash deposit. However, for checks, you must complete the payor of EACH check, the check #, check date, date it was received and amount for each each. There are a few spots provided. If you have more than 6 checks to deposit, you can continue on the back or attach a spreadsheet. Then you should list the total for the check deposit.

The person making the deposit must write in his/her name, phone number, and signature at the bottom of the form.

Funding, Budgets, and Finances

Financial transactions are an important aspect of student organizations. Here is information to help you navigate the financial duties of your organization.

Fundraising Ideas

Potential fundraising ideas for your student organization

  • Coffee and donut sale
  • Bagel and pretzel sale
  • Bake sale
  • Lunch Plate sale
  • Taco/fajita sale
  • T-shirt/fleece sale
  • Totes/mug sale
  • Wristband/button sale
  • Popcorn/candy sale
  • Bowling party
  • “Survival kit” sale
  • 5K runs


General Information About Student Organization Accounts


A student organization account is an account that holds funds raised by student organizations.

Student organization account funds are NOT tax deductible/exempt (unless the organization falls under the national organization’s tax exempt status or has applied for non-profit status through the government). This affects student organizations in the following ways:

  • Student organizations do not have a tax ID number or EIN (employee identification number);
  • Donors will not receive tax credit if they donate to your student organization.

A minimum of $25 must be available in the account at all times. The account and approval of events will be frozen until funds are replaced.

The account must have the funds to cover any expenditures BEFORE you make them (it is the organization’s responsibility to monitor the balance).

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