seekUT Explores Return on Academic Investment

Deciding to pursue a career in any of the health professions is a big investment — of your time and your money, your energy and your talent.  When you’re making that decision — and as you work toward that goal — you may find yourself with questions about the returns on that investment, such as:

  • What might I expect to earn soon after I graduate with this degree?
  • What might I expect to earn later on in my career?
  • How much debt might I incur during my studies?
  • How long might it take me to pay off that debt, given the earning potential?

seekUT: search + earnings + employment = knowledgeThe UT System Office of Strategic Initiatives has just introduced a new website and interactive tool to help students, parents, and other Texans get answers to those questions and many more.  The new service is called seekUT (the “seek” stands for “search + earnings + employment = knowledge”).  Its interactive online tool allows users to explore data about different college majors and degrees, their requirements, costs, and projections for employment and earning potential.  For example, you can use seekUT to visualize data on:

  • Median earnings for graduates one and five years after receiving a degree
  • Average student loan debt
  • Percent of graduates who elect to continue their education
  • Number of semester credit hours required to earn a degree
seekUT graph of 1st and 5th median earnings and average student loans, by major

Preview of seekUT provided by UT System Office of Strategic Initiatives

The data are aggregated from reliable sources including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas Workforce Commission, National Student Clearinghouse, and US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Check out seekUT for yourself, and learn more about it on the UTFactsOnline blog, @UTFactsOnline on Twitter, or the official UT System Facebook Page.