Introducing My Student Center

Our new name for familiar but improved software

The software used for class registration, accepting financial aid, paying school bills, and faculty/advisor functions will be upgraded in October 2018. The software has been called a variety of names—some good and some bad, depending on the situation! In an effort to simplify and reduce confusion, we are introducing a new name to go along with the software upgrade—My Student Center. The new name reflects our mission of education, and the focus on you as students in achieving that mission.

My student center examples

Become a Brand Ambassador

You have an opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador as you interact with fellow students between now and go-live. These newsletters will help you speak to the strengths of the upgraded software and answer questions that others may have about My Student Center. Feel free to share the newsletter with others, realizing the first encounter with the software will likely be at that critical time when you are next registering for classes.