Student Counseling Center – Staff

Mia Veve, Ph.D.
Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, Texas A & M University
Licensed Psychologist
Director of the Student Counseling Center

  • Areas of Special Interest
    * Anxiety
    * Family of Origin Concerns
    * Relationships
    * Adjustment
    * Supervision and Training
    * Multicultural Issues
    * LGBTQ Concerns
    * Outreach

Kristen Vega, PsyD
Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, Our Lady of the Lake University
Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy, Our Lady of the Lake University

  • • Areas of Special Interest
    *Anxiety / Depression
    *Stress Management
    *Lifestyle Changes
    *Health & Wellness
    *Chronic Illness
    *End of Life Issues

Marcella Alvarez, MA. LPC-S
Master of Arts in Community Counseling, UTSA
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
Mental Health Therapist

  • Areas of Special Interest
    * Trauma/Grief
    * Anxiety/Depression
    * Play therapy
    * Relationships
    * Religious and Spiritual Issues
    * Stress Management

Psychology Resident:  Psychology Residents are in the final stage of completing the doctoral degree. Following four years of graduate education and applied training, psychology residents spend one year at the Health Science Center. They provide counseling, psychotherapy, couples consultation, study skills, time management, coping skills, and test-based psychological assessment.

The current psychology resident is Hannah Sommer, MA

Psychiatry Resident: Psychiatrists have an M.D. or D.O. degree and have completed a residency in psychiatry. Residents in the Counseling Service are in the last year of their four-year residency training program. They provide diagnostic and medication consultation. They also provide brief counseling and psychotherapy

The current psychiatry residents are Kavita Demla, MD, and Nick Ray, MD

Julie Bailey, MD is the psychiatrist for the medical students. For information on providers of care to medical students, please read Policy on providers of care to medical students.

Kelin Ogburn, MD is the Supervisor to the psychiatry residents.

Martha Almazan, Administrative Assistant: Ms. Almazan schedules all appointments and manages the Student Counseling Center.