Policy on Providers of Care to Students

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We care about your concerns.

Our policy is that all students who access the UT Health Student Counseling Center will be seen by a professional provider who is not involved with their academic evaluation or clinical rotation supervision. 

Advanced trainees do not provide treatment or evaluation for students from the same training pathway.

Psychological evaluation and/or treatment will not be provided by personnel with a role in an individual student’s evaluation and progression in an academic curriculum.

Policy on providers of care to medical students: http://som.uthscsa.edu/StudentAffairs/documents/ProvidersCareMedicalStudents.pdf

At the SCC, we are a team of Psychologists (Ph.D. and Psy.D.s), a Masters level (LPC-S) clinician for therapy as well as counseling or consultation support and Psychiatrists (M.D.) for Medication management.  The Student Counseling Center has a multidisciplinary staff that also includes residents in psychiatry and psychology and is organized to meet the needs of Health Science Center students.

Our services are free to UT Health students.

Psychologists possess a Doctorate in Psychology and licenses to provide assessment and treatment via various therapy services and/or consultation. A master’s level clinician possesses a Master’s degree in counseling and license to provide counseling support.

Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors who specialize in evaluation and medication management of mental health concerns.

If you have questions about our service please call 210-567-2648 or email veve@uthscsa.edu.