Message for Medical Students

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Commencing Academic Year 2015-16, all mental health services for students in the School of Medicine (SOM) are exclusively administered through the Student Counseling Center (SCC).  The SCC is resourced to serve the specific and unique needs of the medical student population and ensure privacy and confidentiality. For information regarding the Policy of Services for Medical Students please see SOM_Policy on Providers to SOM students2019

All providers in the SCC are divorced from any role in student academic performance evaluations/assessments.

The SCC provides psychiatric (medication management) and psychological mental health services (therapy, counseling and assessment) under the direction of Mia Veve, Ph.D., Director of the Student Counseling Center, and SOM psychiatrist, Julie Bailey, M.D.  Dr. Bailey maintains regular SCC office hours and she (or alternate physician designee) is accessible through the SCC for emergency situations.

All services at the SCC are provided free of charge

to all SOM students.

For SCC appointments for therapy or psychiatric services (medication),

or after-hours crisis intervention,

medical students can call the SCC at 210-567-2648,

or visit the SCC, in person, from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. 

The SCC is located in Room 3.100R.1 in the Dental School Building

at the main campus (Long Campus; 7703 Floyd Curl Drive).


For after-hours (outside SCC office hours of 8am-5pm Monday to Friday) crisis intervention students are encouraged to use the ProtoCall Answering Service that can be accessed by calling 210-567-2648. If you have questions about our services please contact Dr. Mia Veve at

A trained professional is available to answer your call and help address your concerns.