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2017 Medical Service Fee Referendum

Between April 11 – April 13 , 2017 all students had an opportunity to vote on a proposal to incrementally increase the medical service fee. The incremental fee increase was intended to allow the Student Counseling Center to add more staff, services, and outreach activities for students.  Below is more information about the proposal and the medical service fee referendum vote.

*You may provide feedback or ask questions via the contact information noted at the end of this webpage.

Why were students asked to vote on increasing the medical service fee?

In 2015 the Student Government Association’s Mental Health Committee and the Student Health Advisory Committee created and administered a survey to all students. The survey gauged student satisfaction with both the Student Health Clinic and Student Counseling Center.

Survey results uncovered that students wanted a decrease in wait times to see a provider, increases in testing services, and increases in overall outreach to students (see survey results here).

It was proposed that, if the medical service fee referendum was approved by students (via a vote), the incremental increase in the medical service fee would allow the Student Counseling Center to add more staff, services, and outreach activities for students.

See student testimonials about the importance of the Student Counseling Center here.

What is the medical service fee?

The Medical Service Fee is a yearly fee assessed to all students for medical services provided by the Student Health Clinic and the Student Counseling Center. Prior to the vote, the fee was $159.75* per year.

*Note: The medical service fee is divided between the Student Health Clinic (2/3) and the Student Counseling Center (1/3).

How much are other UT health related universities paying for the medical service fee?

School Annual
UTMB Galveston $225.00
UT Southwestern $225.00
UT HSC Houston $179.70
UT HSC San Antonio $159.75

How much was the proposed fee increase?

Students would have to pay an increase of approximately $16.00 per year over a four year period (less than 10% a year) until the fee reaches $225 (state maximum allowed).

Academic Year-Proposed Incremental Fee Schedule
  AY 2017 AY 2018 AY 2019 AY 2020 AY 2021
Medical Services Fee Incremental Increase
$159.75 $175.65 $193.20 $212.40 $225.00

The referendum passed, how will students benefit?

  • 2 full time psychologists were hired in 2017.
  • Overall wait times for an appointment decreased due to additional staffing.
  • Access to a variety of diagnostic testing instruments increased.
  • Outreach/Services increased:
    • Themed mental health programming (e.g., Mindfulness Tuesday)
    • Relaxation Room (e.g., Massage Chairs; Biofeedback Computers)
    • Group/Workshop Room (e.g, Anxiety Group Sessions; Time Management Workshops)

There were opportunities to discuss the proposal before the vote took place; see below for dates and times.

Here is the schedule of the open forums:

  • 3/7/17; 12 pm – 1 pm (Holly Auditorium)  Open Forum Video
  • 3/22/17; 12 pm – 1 pm (ALTC 3.301)         Open Forum Video
  • 3/28/17; 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (Medical School 309L)

Where may I access the power point slides used during the open form sessions?

You may access the power point slides here .

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about the referendum, please contact the SCC Director Dr. Mia Veve by email or phone.