Institutional Effectiveness

What is Institutional Effectiveness?

Institutional effectiveness is a cyclical process of continuous improvement. It involves measuring achievements and outcomes against expected performance targets to indicate how well the institutional mission is being fulfilled. The intent of the institutional effectiveness process at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio is to foster continuous improvement in student learning, research, patient care, community outreach, and administrative/academic support services. This is done by setting goals, determining strategies for achieving the goals, measuring performance, then analyzing the results to determine any changes or improvements that need to be made for the next cycle.

Institutional Effectiveness Council

The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IE Council) was created out of a need to better coordinate accreditation, academic assessment, and institutional reporting efforts across the Health Science Center. The IE Council consists of representatives from each school and from key administrative offices. This body serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs.