Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment is an ongoing process and occurs at multiple levels: individual student, course, and degree program. Annual assessment data regarding student learning at the degree program level are maintained in a central repository, called WEAVE.


WEAVE User Instructions – Acad Assessment

Program-level assessment reports are reviewed annually by the Health Science Center Academic Assessment Committee.

These reports are due in October of each year and include the following elements:

  1. Student learning outcomes
  2. Assessment methods
  3. Performance targets
  4. Assessment findings
  5. Analysis of the results with suggestions for improvements for the upcoming academic year.

Several tools are available to assist with planning and feedback:

  • Feedback is given using an evaluation rubric. This ensures continual improvement.
  • The Program Assessment Worksheet is a helpful tool for first time reporters.
  • The Inventory of Academic Assessment Tools provides a list of sample assessment methods used by the various schools within the Health Science Center.

Assessment Resources