Graduate Program Review

In addition to completing self-studies for accreditation, all of the Health Science Center graduate programs conduct comprehensive internal reviews at least once every seven years in accordance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requirements.

Texas Administrative Code Title 19 Sec. 5.52 requires that each graduate program have in place a process which involves at least one external reviewer for a masters level degree program, and two external reviewers for a doctoral level degree program.

Documents that should be created during the review include:

  1. A program self-study report
  2. A reviewer’s report
  3. An institutional response to the reviewer’s report

The Dean of the Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences and the Council on Graduate Studies are charged with academic oversight of graduate programs; they coordinate with the Vice President for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs to submit the self-study reviews to the Coordinating Board.

Schedule of Upcoming Graduate Program Reviews 2013 – 2019

Suggested Outline for Graduate Program Review