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Cost of Attendance

What is a “Cost of Attendance” budget?

A student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) budget is calculated as the estimated amount of tuition, fees, and books a student will be expected to pay in order to attend school at UT Health San Antonio.  In addition to those actual, direct costs we also estimate the amounts needed in order to pay the costs associated with housing and food (also referred to as room and board), transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.   A student may or may not incur these miscellaneous expenses, not all students pay parking fees for example, or they may incur a lesser amount than our estimates.  We urge you to consider these factors when deciding how much to borrow in order to attend school.

View the tuition rate tables for your school.

Why is it Estimated?

We say these amounts are estimated because they are based on your expected enrollment level (we assume all students will attend full-time which may not be the case).  Students enrolled in less than full-time hours will have their tuition and fee components adjusted down to reflect the lower costs the student will incur.   This could mean a student’s financial aid awards may also have to be reduced.

How do I make use of these numbers?

When you are trying to determine how much you will be able to spend on your living expenses, add up the allowances for room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses and divide them by the number of months you will be enrolled in school.  This should give you an idea of what you can afford to spend on your living expenses per month.

Budgets are calculated per term; however, aid is disbursed evenly between terms.   With some exceptions, awards can be adjusted to be aligned with the per-term cost of attendance. Contact a Financial Aid Counselor for more details.

Estimated Costs/Budgets

Your financial aid will post into  your student tuition and fee account as long as you are eligible to receive the funds.  Always check your To Do tile on your student portal as we will list any required items that are missing from you.  Read the message on any pending item so you will know what steps are still required or reach out to for assistance.

To see when your funds are scheduled to be released to your student account, you can view your Cost of Attendance budget for your program or see a list of the disbursement dates below.


Cost of attendance by school

The following links, by academic career, will show you the amounts we have estimated for Texas residents.  Non-residents will pay more than the amount shown so please contact our office for additional details: