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How To Apply

Step 1: Complete Applications

  • Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is the only application required to complete for student aid consideration.
  • The Renewal FAFSA is available for those who applied the previous year.
  • The school code for UT Health Center – San Antonio is 003659.
  • Medical and Dental professional students do not need to include their parental tax information.
  • You must submit a completed FAFSA in order to be considered for all federal/state grants and student loans.
  • Apply for scholarships as early as possible and remember your FAFSA must be on file with our office for the current aid year in order to access the application through your portal.
  • For students not eligible for federal aid, or international students seeking access to the scholarship application, you will complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA)

Step 2: Processing FAFSA Information

Upon receipt of your FAFSA information from the US Department of Education, we will:

  • Request authorization to communicate with you electronically (receipt of this email, sent to your UT Health San Antonio email account, also confirms we have your FAFSA data loaded into the Student System). Student Center Log-In Instructions.
  • Notify student of her/his financial aid eligibility for the academic year or
  • Request additional documentation. All requested documents must be received by the Department of Student Financial Aid before aid can be processed.  Students who file an extension with the IRS will need to wait until they can either use the IRS DRT tool or submit a tax transcript before awarding can occur.

Step 3: Awarding Process

Federal & State Aid

  • All awarding is prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis for students that meet the eligibility criteria at the time of awarding.  With the exception of newly admitted students in their first year of study, students can receive funds from only one state funded source, such as the Designated scholarship or the Texas Public Education Grant.  Additionally, students wishing to receive College Work-Study funds will need to indicate they are interested in the program on their FAFSA.  Students will be notified of their award through their current home address account via the Financial Aid Offer Notice.   Once admitted, the students can check their financial aid status via My Student Center.  Do not delay in accepting “favorable” aid as we will cancel and award to those on our waiting lists if the aid is unaccepted for more than a month from the date it was awarded.


  • If a student receives a scholarship from an outside donor, it must be factored into a student’s financial aid package.  This could result in a reduction of your federal or state aid in order to prevent an over-award of financial aid.  See a counselor for details.  UT Health San Antonio scholarships are awarded by the individual Loan and Scholarship Committees for each school.  Students must complete the online scholarship application, after filing their FAFSA, in order to be included in the list of potential candidates that is sent to the schools upon their request.  Click here for additional details.

Step 4: Accept/Reject Aid

  • When you receive notice that you have been awarded financial aid, you need to log into My Student Center to accept or reject your aid.  Do not delay in accepting “favorable” aid as we will cancel and award to those on our waiting lists if the aid is unaccepted for more than a month from the date it was awarded.  Our office will also cancel federal loans if they are not accepted for an extended period of time however, if you later decide you wish to receive them and you remain eligible, you can simply reach out to our office and request their reinstatement.

Step 5: Other Financial Aid

If you are in need of additional financial aid, the following options are available.

If there are any questions about your student’s financial aid offer, any of the programs available, or if you need further assistance in finding a financial solution to pay for college expenses, please contact our office to meet with a financial aid advisor.