COVID19 and Federal Student Loans

The student loan repayment pause may be ending in June 2023, with loan repayments resuming 60 days after that time.  Please visit their site for information about preparing for repayments to resume.


Are you meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards

To maintain eligibility for financial aid, a student must make academic progress towards their degree.  Once the requirements have been met for the student’s degree, that student will lose eligibility for further funds, even if they choose to stay in school for additional semesters and not graduate.

Our office will measure your academic progress annually, after the spring semester grades have been posted, as mandated in Federal Regulation HEA 484(c). Failure to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (for all terms enrolled, not just those terms that aid was received) may result in loss of financial aid eligibility.  For additional information on this topic please go here.


Phone Password

Veteran Services and Financial Aid recently implemented a phone password requirement to help protect student’s privacy.  Before specific account information can be disclosed over the phone, students will need to send an email, from their LiveMail account, to a VSFA staff member providing a phone password. Passwords can be a phrase, word, security question, or numbers.


1098T Information

If you paid qualified tuition and fees, or received scholarships and grants, in the previous calendar year, please visit this site for instructions on how to obtain your form.   Medical and Dental students that graduated in 2022 actually paid/received their tuition/scholarships in the fall of 2021 and will not receive a form for the 2022 calendar year.  For additional questions please contact the Bursar’s office at or review the instructions Student Access to 1098Ts.

For information from the IRS about why the 1098-T is important to Student and Parents, please click here.

How do you know if you are selected for Verification?

Your Student Aid Report comments, from your FAFSA, will indicate if you have been selected for Verification. Also, once you grant our office authorization to communicate with you via email, we will send you an electronic notice. To grant our office “Authorization to Communicate” electronically with you, please log on to My Student Center and access your Financial Aid tile and follow the on-screen instructions.  If we do not receive your authorization for electronic communication we will use regular US Postal mail to notify you of required actions/documents/award notices which will require additional processing time.

UT Health San Antonio reports any fraudulent activity uncovered during the verification process to the Office of Inspector General, Dallas Division, as required by regulation.