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What Happens if I Drop or Add a Class?

Dropping a Class

If you drop a class prior to census date (also known as the 12th class day), and after your financial aid has posted, your cost of attendance budget will be adjusted to reflect your new level of enrollment.   This adjustment may result in an over-award situation if the amount of aid you received exceeds your new adjusted budget.  If it creates an over award, we will reduce the aid you received and your student account will be charged for that amount.  We will always reduce the “least favorable” aid first (such as unsubsidized loan funds) with the following exceptions:

  1. If you received a Pell grant it will be reduced to the amount allowed by the Department of Education for your new level of enrollment
  2. If you drop below half-time status, all funds received will be reversed since your eligibility for the funds was based on “at least half-time” enrollment status.  If you have received any loan funds in a prior term we will also send an “Exit Counseling” notice to your UT Health San Antonio email account with instructions on how to complete the exit session.  Your lender(s) will be notified of the “last date” your enrollment was “at least halftime”  (typically the last class day of the prior term) and your student loans may enter repayment as early as 6 months from that date.

Adding a Class

If you add a class, we will increase your Cost of Attendance budget to reflect your additional expenses but we will not automatically increase your aid unless you have received a pell grant and are entitled to receive additional funds from that program.  Students should contact our office as soon as possible to determine whether or not additional aid can be processed to pay the expenses related to the added class or, at a minimum, make arrangements with the Bursar’s Office to pay any balance due.

After Census Date

Changes in enrollment after census date will not affect your current awards however it may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress rating and hinder your ability to receive aid in future terms.