Financial Aid Forms

Auth to Release Education Records(FERPA)

Pell Grant Statement of Eligibility – Submit only after receiving a request for this document.

TEXAS Grant Statement of Eligibility   – This form is now aid year specific; please scroll down and click on the applicable aid year.

Texas Firefighter Exemption Request – This form is now aid year specific; please scroll down and click on the applicable aid year.

Citizenship Docs Affidavit

Nonresident Teaching\Research Assistant Waiver – Waiver requests are submitted once a year certifying the student will be employed at least half time or greater by UT Health San Antonio in a Teaching or Research Assistant position.  Start and end dates of the position cannot exceed a 12 month period and college work study students are not eligible to receive this waiver based solely on their employment as a student worker.

Waivers are applied for each semester that fall within the position start and end dates after confirming the student’s enrollment status is at least half time for the term the waiver will be applied.  Students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences must be enrolled full-time to qualify for the waiver in accordance with their policy.

In order to receive an Exemption, male students must be registered for Selective Service.  Please attach proof of registration to this request; if exempt, complete the Exemption from Selective Service Registration form.  For more information on Selective Service or to retrieve proof of registration, visit  FAFSA filers with a successful Selective Service database match have already completed this step and are not required to provide documentation.

Exemption from Selective Service Registration– if you are exempt from Selective Service Registration under federal law, complete this form and provide the required documentation.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request– This form should be submitted if you would like to be considered for a Cost of Attendance increase.  Examples of allowable increases include dependent care expenses, vehicle repairs, or other educational costs not included in your current Cost of Attendance. Unreimbursed medical and dental expenses are treated differently according to Title IV regulations. Please contact a financial aid counselor for more details

Consortium Agreement – This form is used by students who are enrolled at another institution of higher education, in order to take classes on that campus, that will count towards the student’s UT Health San Antonio degree.  Students need to submit this form, along with a copy of their tuition and fee statement and a print-out of the classes to be taken, to our office.  We will then forward to the appropriate departments for required signatures.

Economic Development and Diversification Waiver Request– If approved, this waives the Non-Resident Tuition portion allowing the student to pay at the Resident Tuition rate.  For more details visit, College for All Texas.

Award Year 2021-2022 Financial Aid Forms