It is important that you are aware of all holds on your account since this can impact registration, transcript requests, packaging, or disbursement of financial aid funds and eventually, graduation.   Please view your account periodically to make sure you do not have any holds placed on your record.   If you do, review the hold indicator and/or your “To Do” list to determine the steps required to resolve the pending issue.

Common reasons you may not have been awarded aid or why your financial aid may not have disbursed:

  • Verification has not been completed
  • Required documents have not been submitted
  • Missing a Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  • Failing to complete Entrance Counseling for Loans
  • You have not enrolled in courses or are enrolled less than half time.

The offices listed below can assist you with any holds placed by their departments: 

Health Clinic 210-567-9355
Library 210-567-2440
Police  210-567-2800
Registrar Office 210-567-2621
Student Financial (Bursar)  210-567-2556