School of Health Professions Scholarships

Students in the School of Health Professions are invited to apply for the scholarships listed below. Applications submitted are reviewed thoroughly and essay responses should attempt to let the reviewer know who you are, your background, and what you are planning to do in your future endeavors. Recipients should always take time to write a “Thank You” note to the donor for a scholarship as they enjoy knowing how their contribution has helped you attain your educational goals.

Essay Writing Tips

  1. Read, read, and read again! Read the instructions a few times just to make sure you truly understand what the scholarship is asking you to write about.
  2. Research the organization offering the scholarship. It may give you an idea what the committee is looking for.
  3. Draft an outline once you understand the scholarship topic, making sure to fully encompass every portion of the topic.
  4. When you write the essay, elaborate from your outline, but don’t go overboard! Use succinct and straightforward language throughout the essay.
  5. Don’t brag! Highlight your achievements without boasting, but don’t restate what is already in your resume.
  6. Proofread! Your essay may be disqualified if you misspell or misuse words or phrases.

Scholarship Thank You Note Tips

  1. A donor may sponsor many different scholarships so it is important to identify the name of the scholarhip you received.  Simply review your Financial Aid Awards to see the scholarship name.
  2. Thank the donor or scholarship. Sincerely express your gratitude.
  3. Illustrate with specific details how the scholarship helped your pursue your college, career, and life goals.
  4. Take your time to ensure your letter has correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  5. Send a scanned copy to
  6. See an example template here


How to apply

  1. Students interested in applying for scholarships with UTHSCSA must apply for admission into SHP and be accepted into a program of study (matriculated)
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  3. Access the online “UTHSCSA Scholarship Application” link through the student portal

You can save your application as you answer the questions or enter your essay responses. The system will send one reminder email if you have saved data into the form but have not submitted your application. The application is not considered complete until you select the “Submit” option and then you will receive an email indicating your application is complete. Once complete we will forward your application the SHP for their use in selecting candidates.


Available Scholarships to All Health Professions Students

Available Scholarships to Occupational Therapy Students Only

Available Scholarships to Physician Assistant Students Only

Available Scholarships to Physical Therapy Students Only

Available Scholarships to Clinical Laboratory Science Students Only

Available Scholarships to Respiratory Care Students Only