VA for Residents and Fellows

Veteran Services and Financial Aid (VSFA) certifies enrollment for VA Education Benefits forĀ  all degree seeking students (programs published in the Catalog), this includes Dental Post Professional students. Medical Residencies and Fellowships are considered certificates for VA Benefit purposes and can be certified if already approved by the VA; approved programs are listed in the WEAMS.

Residencies and Fellowships must be approved by the VA prior to certification.

Effective 2018, the VA no longer approves residencies/fellowships by program or department. TheĀ Program Coordinator should contact VSFA to request an application for program approval.

  1. Upon receipt of a complete application, VSFA will forward to the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC)
  2. TVC will schedule a site visit to review the program and site
  3. Upon approval, TVC will add the program to VSFA facility code.
  4. TVC will send the approval notice to the VA so they can update WEAMS with the program.
  5. VA will add the program information to WEAMS and notify VSFA when a certification can be submitted.
  6. Program Coordinator will submit the Resident’s/Fellow’s enrollment information to VSFA
  7. VSFA will submit online certification electronically to the VA.

The approval process can be extensive but the Resident/Fellow can be certified retroactively for up to one year.