Do You Check Off Campus?

Starting November 2016 when you are off-campus VPN is required to:

  • Access secure UTHSCSA information (Student Administration, Financials, Employee Self-Service, and others)
  • Remote to an on-campus computer
  • Connect to mapped drives

Why is this important?

In order to check your ‘To-Do list’, view holds, register for classes, accept/decline your financial aid awards, or view your bill you will need to log into ¬†As a security measure UTHSCSA has placed the information you are trying to access behind a firewall. To gain access now you will need have downloaded ‘Global Protect’ and have enrolled in ‘Duo’.

Rule of Thumb – if off-campus and using your UTHSCSA ID and password to connect, go through the program Global Protect (VPN) & Duo (2FA).

What do I need to do?

Duo Chart

For assistance, contact or call 210-567-7777