Census Date

What is Census Date?

The Census Date is the date defined by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) on which an official and final enrollment count is recorded for submission to The THECB.  actual day on which the Census Date falls is contingent on the length of the semester.

Your Census Date is published on your school’s official¬†academic calendar.

Why is it important?

Due to the reporting that must commence for submission to The THECB, it is the last date to register for or drop any classes, and it is the last day to be reclassified as a Texas resident for tuition purposes. Enrollment verifications may be obtained the business day following Census Date. Finally, to be counted for state aid, students must be registered on or by the Census Date, and the institution must collect tuition and fees from each student in full, or have formal, documented payment arrangements on record with the Bursar’s Office.