Visiting Student

What is a Visiting Student?

The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio recognizes that individuals from other universities, institutions and businesses may wish to visit the University for extended periods of times for reasons including, but not limited to conducting research in a University facility, collaborating with University researcher on specific projects, and observing University faculty research.  However, for security and safety reasons it is the University’s decision that visiting individuals establish legitimacy on campus and receives all necessary training and testing to assure their own and the University’s patients’ safety.

Visiting Student Admission Process

In general, a student who wishes to attend a respective program/school of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA) as a student visitor is governed by the following Visiting Student Policy and Appointment Process:

 With approval of the Dean’s Office and the Office of the University Registrar, a visiting student may visit the campus if the following criterion has been met:

  1. Visiting Student Application has been submitted to the respective school.   In addition to any school-specific and university visitor information, including all clearance requirements such as immunizations, criminal background checks, immigration documentation, if appropriate, and other basic biographical data, date of birth, current address, and the anticipated start and end date of the visitation period must be provided, verified, and accepted.  Application information can be found on the website of the respective school of interest and the general University website.
  2. The sponsoring department serving as the responsible entity for hosting the visiting student must have coordinated with the applicant and must have provided written approval notification to the applicant.
  3. Receipt of written notification must be received from the visiting student’s home institution to the university’s Office of the University Registrar of approval of a visiting student’s application.
  4. Upon the visiting student’s arrival on campus, the visiting students check in at the Office of the University Registrar and pay a $25.00 visiting student administrative fee. This fee is assessed annually and is non refundable.
  5. After processing is completed by the Office of the University Registrar, the visiting student is provided documentation to take to the Campus Police Department to obtain a university badge and parking permit (if needed).

For international visiting students and others who may not have adequate liability insurance from their home institution, a small fee for this insurance is calculated and prorated by the respective school, must also be paid by the visiting student at the Bursar’s Office.  The Office of the University Registrar will provide a voucher for the student to take to the Bursar’s Office for immediate payment.  Failure to pay will result in termination of the visiting student approval and agreement.

Although Visiting Students are provided with a UTHSCSA Identification Number (UTHSCSA ID), Visiting Students are not registered for any courses, audit or otherwise. Therefore, The Office of the University Registrar does not provide visiting students with any transcript or documentation reflecting their visitation attendance.  Enrolled UTHSCSA students may audit classes with approval of the instructor and the fee to audit a course is $5.00.  Non-enrolled UTHSCSA students who wish to audit a course are assessed a $25.00 fee per course after submission and approval of an electronic application designated for non-degree students.

Visiting students are subject to the same rules and regulations as UTHSCSA students. Violation of any school policy may result in immediate withdrawal or other sanctions.  School policies are delineated in the University Catalog.