Forms for Departments and Dean’s Offices


Supplemental Application     This supplemental application is reviewed by the Physician Assistant Department in the School of Health Professions.

Petition for Course Review for Admissions Prerequisites     This form is used to request that The Office of the University Registrar review a course for fulfillment of admissions prerequisites that may not otherwise satisfy those.


Add-Drop Form     This form is used to initiate the adding or dropping of a student into or from a class. Grading policies and Census Date policies, among others, apply.

Change of Program, Plan and Subplan Form     This form is used to change a student’s plan or sub-plan prior to a subsequent term’s Census Date.

Course Waiver and Substitution Form     This form is used to petition credit for a student who completed a very similar course at another institution or seeks to waive a course on the student’s degree plan.

Credit by Exam Form     This form is used to document a student’s successful attempt to gain credit for a class by taking a test that challenges students to demonstrate competency in the course’s subject matter as well as mastery of learning outcomes associated with the course.

Holy Day Absence Form     This form is used to obtain approval for a student’s request to be absent from class due to her/his observation of a religious holiday.

Instructor/Staff Table Request Form     This form is used to add or delete faculty or staff to the Schedule of Classes Meeting Patterns in Curriculum Management within PeopleSoft.

Return from Leave of Absence Form     This form is used to document a student’s commitment to return from a leave of absence and reactivate the student’s record in advance of the term in which (s)he seeks to re-enroll.

Request for Advisor Access         This form is used to request access for faculty or staff as a new advisor, to add additional advisees or delete advisor access.

Request to Review Education Records     This form is used to seek approval to review a student’s academic record and document the decision.

Request to Update Schedule of Classes Form This form should only be used when the Schedule of Classes for the term has closed for editing.

Transfer Credit Form