Instructions and Deadlines for Faculty


The following instructions are made available to assist faculty and other administrators in completing tasks associated with students’ academic records and with program curricula and policies:

My Student Center

Advisor Access and Navigation
Information on how to access student information as an advisor in My Student Center.

Entering Grades in the Faculty Center
Location where official student grades are entered.

Editing Schedule of Classes
Used to update the details of offered classes for a term.

eForm Instructions
How to use electronic registrar forms at UT Health.


Catalog (CAT)
System used to update

Course Inventory Management (CIM)
Used to update the inventory of courses.

Program Management (CIM Program)
Used to propose or modify academic programs at UT Health.

Catalog Deadlines

Editing the 2019-2020 University Catalog:

Editing has Closed

Editing the 2020-2021 University Catalog:

November 1, 2019: University Catalog open for editing

April 30, 2020: School deadline to complete editing

July 1, 2020: Office of the University Registrar publishes University Catalog

New/Editing Courses Deadlines

New Course Proposal/Modification for 2019-2020:

Editing has Closed

New Course Proposal/Modification for 2020-2021:

Fall 2020/Academic Year 2020-2021: December 31, 2019

Spring 2021: April 1, 2020

Summer 2021: April 1, 2020

Schedule of Classes Deadlines

Data Entry in PeopleSoft Curriculum Management-Maintain Schedule of Classes for 2018-2019


Fall/Academic Year 2019: February 1, 2019- March 31, 2019

Spring 2020: September 1, 2019-October 11, 2019

Summer 2020: January 6, 2020-February 28, 2020