Registering for Classes

Web Registration

Students may add and drop courses through My Student Center (via However, if you are registering off-campus you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in order to access My Student Center.

Information about web registration can be found here.

Check the official Academic Calendar for published web registration dates for each semester. Under no circumstances are students permitted to add classes to their schedules after the Census Date, unless otherwise dictated by the school’s profession-specific accreditation body.

Late Registration

Any adds or drops approved for processing outside web registration dates must be documented on a completed Add-Drop Form.  This electronic form will automatically route to obtain necessary approvals. Under most circumstances, forms are processed within two business days. A record of the form will be maintained in the student information system. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire with the Bursar’s Office regarding any expected refunds, as well as additional tuition owed. Outstanding balances can prohibit registration in subsequent terms.

Course Cross Enrollment

Students may enroll in courses in other Health Science Center schools/programs outside of their home school/program, so long as: 1) students receive permission from both their home school/program and the school/program and the school/program in which they plan to enroll by completing an official Cross-enrollment form 2) the course in which the student plans to enroll has start and stop dates that are consistent with the student’s program of study start and stop dates. Please click here for a list of designated administrator/adviser in their home school/program and the designated administrator/adviser in the receiving school/program. For a complete list of approved courses for cross enrollment, please click here.

Census Dates

The census date is the date for official enrollment reporting for the University. Learn how the census dates can affect your residency, student aide, verification for enrollment, etc.