Enrollment and Registration

Add/Drop Classes

Adding and Dropping Classes

Students may add and drop courses through My Student Center. Check the official Academic Calendar for published web registration dates for each semester. Under no circumstances are students permitted to add classes to their schedules after the Census Date, unless otherwise dictated by the school’s profession-specific accreditation body.

Any adds or drops approved for processing outside web registration dates must be documented on a completed Add-Drop Form.  This electronic form will automatically route to obtain necessary approvals. Under most circumstances, forms are processed within two business days. A record of the form will be maintained in the student information system. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire with the Bursar’s Office regarding any expected refunds, as well as additional tuition owed. Outstanding balances can prohibit registration in subsequent terms.


A full or partial refund may be possible for dropped courses contingent on the date of a drop and the official start of the term. See the Refund Schedule in the University Catalog for more detailed information.

Students may drop courses at any time during the semester, but before administration of final exams or final lab exercises, and only if approved by the program director, associate dean, or other designated official. Withdrawal grades may consist of W (Withdrawal), WP (Withdrew Passing) or WF (Withdrew Failing). Students should check the University Catalog section specific to their respective schools for applicable grades.

Additional Information:

  • View UT Health Science Center Catalog
  • View UT Health Science Add/Drop Policy
  • Reference Codes:
    • Texas Education Code Texas Education Code §54.068 and §61.0595 for undergraduate students
    • Texas Education Code §54.012 for doctoral students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences including Nursing PhD students
    • Texas Senate (SB 1231) applies to all students entering into any Texas public institution of higher education as a first-time freshman and thereafter.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for further questions.

Before Registration

New Student Handbook

The new student checklist shows 12 steps to help you prior to orientation. Learn about immunizations, financial aid, the student portal, etc.

Distance Students

A guide to services provided for distance and remote students.


Students are responsible for assuring that there are no blocks before registration.


Students whose residence status is not clearly established should complete a Residency Questionnaire so that a university decision may be determined.


The Catalog contains all programs offered by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, providing applicants and enrolled students with the information they need regarding the academic careers available to them and the resources needed to succeed in those.

Excess Hours

Students can be charged non-resident tuition if their semester hours substantially exceed the requirements of the degree plan.

Visiting Students

A student who wishes to attend the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio as a student visitor will need to learn about the admission process.

Dean’s List


It is the policy of The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio to recognize the academic achievement of students with scholastic honors awarded at the end of each term and at graduation.

Term Scholastic Honors

The Dental School, The School of Health Professions and The School of Nursing recognize students who meet a minimum GPA of 3.90 as qualifying for the Dean’s List each semester, including the term of graduation. Students may earn his honor multiple times for each semester in which they are registered in credit-bearing classes graded on a letter basis (i.e. A, B, C, D and/or F).

Dean’s List recognition is notated under the appropriate grading term on the official transcript. The recognition may also appear on the official Commencement Program for graduating undergraduate, graduate, and professional-level students.

Graduating with Honors

Graduating undergraduate students who earn particular GPAs at the end of their respective programs shall be recognized with Latin honors based on specific GPA ranges. These designations only apply to undergraduate students.  GPA ranges and the Latin honors applicable to them are as follows:

  • Cumulative GPA 3.5 – 3.69: Cum Laude
  • Cumulative GPA 3.7 – 3.89: Magna Cum Laude
  • Cumulative GPA 3.9 – 4.00: Summa Cum Laude

Latin honors are noted on diplomas and official transcripts.

Additional Information

  • View the Catalog for school specific information

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for further questions.

Enrollment Verification

What is Enrollment Verification?

Students may need to verify their enrollment status while at the UT Health Science Center.  This official documents can be sent to various agencies and organizations, including loan companies, health insures, future employers, automobile dealers, credit card companies, U.S. Veteran Affairs, etc.

The UT Health Science Center contracts with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide free self-service official enrollment verifications to currently enrolled students.  The service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and is supplied with enrollment data immediately following each official census date with updates approximately every 55 days.

How do I order it?

To order an enrollment verification, go to My Student Center, click on the Academic Records Tile>Helpful Links>View Enrollment Verification.   This will take you directly to the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site.  Once on the NSC website, enter all required login information, then select the type of verification desired (current Enrollment or All Enrollment). A printable .pdf file will be produced.  This .pdf file is an OFFICIAL document that may be submitted to loan companies, health insurers, etc. as proof of your enrollment.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for further questions.

email: Registrars@uthscsa.edu

Phone: (210) 567-2621

My Student Center

My Student Center Instructions

How do I view My Student Center?

LOGIN: My Student Center   INSTRUCTIONS: My Student Center Login

What can I do in my Student Center?

The Student Center allows current students to:

  • enroll in classes – Instructions
  • view your bills
  • check your financial aid status
  • accept/reduce/decline your financial aid award amount
  • make a payment
  • sign up for direct deposit
  • view your holds
  • view your final grades and unofficial transcripts
  • change your address, phone number, add an emergency contact
  • link to enrollment verification and transcript ordering services
  • edit your FERPA restrictions

What if I have trouble with my Username and/or password?

Go to the UT Health Science Center IM Client Support Services web pages to learn more.

New Student Checklist


The following are detailed in the New Student Handbook.

Step 1: Immunization

Information pertaining to immunization requirements and frequently asked questions can be found at Student Immunization Records.

Step 2: Veteran Services & Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid and scholarships as needed; obtain veteran benefits information.

Step 3: My Student Center  Use your assigned username and password to access the many features located via your My Student Center.

Step 4: E-MAIL Account

You have been assigned a UTHSCSA.Livemail  e-mail account. Once you register as a student here, all official school communications will be sent to your HSC student e-mail address.

Step 5: Registration

More information regarding registration and deadlines will be e-mailed to you. You may be required to complete online self-registration.

Step 6: Parking and Student ID

A Parking Permit is required if you plan to park or drive on campus.  Purchase online. 

An HSC ID Card will be required of all students. See University Police website.

Step 7: Health Insurance

Consider your health insurance coverage and declare your choice in My Student Center.

Step 8: Pay Tuition and Fees

Pay your Tuition and Fees.

Step 9: Get Secure

Secure your laptop.  See Laptop Security Tips.

Step 10: HSC Alerts

Sign up to receive UT Health Science Center’s text message and e-mail notification system for emergencies and campus closures.

Step 11: Release of Student Records

Update your FERPA Restrictions and manage your Directory Information.

Step 12: Other Requirements

Please contact your Dean’s Office or Program administrator for any other additional requirements such as welcome ceremonies.

Student Forms