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CourseLeaf Help

CourseLeaf Help

This page is designed as a resource center for the content management system CourseLeaf. CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) and CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) are two aspects of the overall system that work together to provide an integrated experience from creation to publication of academic programs and courses. It is an online tool used to facilitate the foundational curricular processes that identify and define academic programs at the Health Science Center, outline associated degree plans and share policies about these.

CAT is used to coordinate online approval of Catalog webpages for the institution’s official, yearly Catalog, which includes all institutional policies and the official course inventory. Catalog editing can be used to edit all catalog content except courses and course descriptions (courses are modified through CIM). Editing the catalog is done in the Next Catalog and done by clicking on various pencil icons available once an authorized user clicks the “Edit” button. Changes to the Next Catalog will go through the approval process set up for each school. These changes will not appear in the catalog until the Next Catalog is published in July of each year.

CIM is used for faculty to propose new courses, as well as modifications to existing courses including deactivation. It is similar to CAT in that editing capabilities are distributed differently across each school. CIM is different in that changes made through CIM follow a more extensive workflow which parallels the notifications and approvals associated with academic governance.

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