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Run Shirt Aug. 2016 - 2

Run Club will start again in July 2018.  We meet at 8am in the Pavilion.  Hope to see you there…

Free T-shirt for all runners that attend 5 of the Saturday runs while supplies last.

Run Club Information

The run club is for everyone of all levels; runners that have never run before to runners trying to prepare for local 1/2 marathons.  The program for non runners, couch to 5K, will train for a 5K run towards the end of the semester.  Running with a group/friend(s) is easier to get motivated, more fun than running alone and we can push each other.  Contact Student Life if you are interested in joining the run for the fall of 2018.

1. The run club is free for all UT Health San Antonio members and their friends and family.

2. We will meet every Saturday morning at 8am and Tuesdays at 5:30pm starting in August at the Pavilion next to Gold’s Gym.  The time could change as the runs get longer and San Antonio gets hotter.  It is not mandatory that you attend every run.  There will be a running program that you can follow if you have to miss a run.

3. Bring your own water.  We will discuss the importance of hydrating and diet.

4. Sam Flores is the current student run coach.

5. All runs will be done in the medical center area.  We have almost 7 miles of track; from the main campus to the north campus with different route options and challenging hills.

6. Shoes – Recommended to wear running shoes with less than 500 miles.  Your feet will conform to your running shoes as you run so you should wear your running shoes for running only.  We will discuss this more during our first meeting.

7. We will also run on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm starting soon.  Stay tuned for more information.

8. Gold’s Membership: Being a member of Gold’s Gym will help but is not necessary.  We might use their facility for some additional training such as using the foam rollers after long runs.  Everyone in the group will have the same access.  Gold’s will also allow you to use their shower facilities afterwards.

9.  It will be suggested that you continue some training during the week.  We will provide the different workouts for all levels.

10. Dress comfortably; shorts and dry fit shirts.  T-shirts get heavy with perspiration and can cause some skin irritation.  We will discuss lubricating the body for long runs.

11.  Parking – park on the main campus next to the tennis courts and sand volleyball courts.

12.  The meetings should last a little more than an hour.

13.  A weekly email will be sent out to all runners with different running tips, meeting reminders and the Saturday run route.

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Yoga - 1-9-13 III

Free Yoga on Wednesdays @ Noon – Contact Student Life for where.

We even provide the Mats.