SGA Appropriations Request Application

SGA Appropriations Process and Guidelines

Application Process

1. Only student organizations, who are registered & in good standing with the Office of Student Life, may apply for SGA appropriations funding
2. Complete the SGA Appropriations Application in its entirety so the appropriations committee can understand the full scope of your travel/event and your budget
3. Applications are due at least one month prior to an SGA appropriations meeting. Email  See for meeting dates (typically held the third Wednesday of the month)
4. Appropriations may be requested for conferences and events
5. The appropriations committee will contact each student organization requesting money with further instructions
6. A representative from the student organization must be in attendance at the SGA appropriations meeting in which the appropriation will be discussed. The representative must be ready to present their request to the committee
7. The appropriations committee would like that all receipts and pictures/flyers are turned in to the Office of Student Life (MED 314L) within 30 days of the event/trip.


1. The nature of travel/ event must benefit the university as a whole.
2. Student organizations may only be awarded one appropriation per semester.
3. Only actual expenses will be reimbursed. Please submit original receipts/invoices supporting travel expenses within 30 days of the event/trip.
4. Donations are NOT reimbursable.

5. Groups applying for funding are strongly encouraged to be interdisciplinary.

• Appropriations funding may be awarded for registration fees for conferences
(Lodging, airfare, mileage, etc. will be funded). Gas is NOT reimbursable. Legitimate expenses only will be reimbursed.
• Complete the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate
• We strongly encourage a group of students to travel in one car
• Maximum funding per organization, per year, must not exceed $1, 000 for in-state travel (up to five students at $200 each)
• Maximum funding per organization, per year, must not exceed $1,500 for out-of-state travel (up to five students at $300 each year)

• Maximum funding per organization, per year, must not exceed $500
• When applying for an event, appropriation funds cannot go towards the purchase of food. *Exception may apply. The funds for events should only be used to cover operating expenses (supplies, audio/visual requests, room reservations, facilities requests, cost of inviting a speaker, etc.) Appearance fees will NOT be funded.
• Groups must open event to ALL students at the HSC and prove they have advertised to the entire university
• Community Service Events, SGA will fund $1,000 or 50% of the cost, whichever is less.

Note: Travel Reimbursements may be reduced due to budget limits