Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is a part of Student Life where students, faculty and staff compete against each other in different fun sports.

How to get involved – Sign up your team or as a free agent.  To sign up as a team, fill out the roster form at the bottom of this page for the sport you want to play and return it to the Student Life Office by email;, fax; (210) 567-2644 or in person; 314L of the Medical School.  To play as a Free Agent, email your name, sport and daytime phone number.

Co-Rec. Sand Volleyball – Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ct. 1    How I Set Your Mother    vs.        Sandy Cheeks
Ct. 2    Dom’s Jeans                       vs.        Yakatickelehs
Ct. 3    Bump, Set, Speak!             vs.        ACE Inhibitors
Ct. 1    Pound Town                        vs.        Phat Tips
Ct. 2    Setsy & You Know It         vs.        Ben Gay and Aleve
Ct. 3    That’s What She Set          vs.        K-Spikes
Ct. 1    Courtical Deficits               vs.        New Kids on the Block
Ct. 2    Rockets 1                             vs.        Rockets 2
Ct. 3    Hustlers                               vs.        Hard on the Court
Ct. 1    Margs on the Blocks           vs.        High Yield Tips
Ct. 2    Gryffindor Spartans          vs.        Miller Time
Ct. 3    The Notorious D.I.G.         vs.        SLP
Ct. 1    Miller Time                          vs.        High Yield Tips
Ct. 2    Gryffindor Spartans          vs.        SLP
Ct. 3    The Notorious D.I.G.         vs.        Margs on the Blocks

Co-Recreational Soccer – Thursday, February 21, 2019

6:00pm  Nothing But Netters      vs.        I-V Leaguers
6:50pm  Hepatopool                      vs.        Psy-Kicks
7:40pm  Odontoblasters               vs.        Masseter United
8:30pm  L3 Herniations               vs.        Real Mandib
9:20pm  L3 Herniations               vs.        Falcons

Co-Recreational Ultimate FrisbeeTuesday, February 20, 2019

6:30pm  Faux Show                       vs.        Slipped Discs
7:25pm  BRM                                  vs.        Slipped Discs
8:20pm  BRM                                 vs.        The Smiths
9:15pm  Olmos Famous                vs.        The Smiths

Co-Recreational Indoor Volleyball – Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ct. 1    Beta Blockers                     vs.        No Game
Ct. 2    The Notorious D.I.G.       vs.        Nursing Team B
Ct. 1    Beta Blockers                     vs.        Nursing Team B
Ct. 2    The Notorious D.I.G.       vs.        No Game
Ct. 1    Can You Dig It                   vs.        Practice Safe Sets
Ct. 2    No Game Scheduled        vs.        How to Kill a Blocking Nerd
Ct. 1    Can You Dig It                   vs.        No Game Scheduled
Ct. 2    QRS                                     vs.        How to Kill a Blocking Nerd

Co-Recreational Softball – Monday, February 25, 2019

6:30pm  Disastros                              vs.        Big League Plays
7:25pm  Win or Lose, We Booze      vs.        Bat to the Bone
8:20pm  Win or Lose, We Booze     vs.        Flossoraptors
9:15pm  Irritable Foul Syndrome    vs.        Flossoraptors

4-on-4 BasketballMonday, February 25, 2019

Ct. 1    Buzzer Beaten                   vs.        The Avengers
Ct. 2    Nothing But Netters        vs.        Just the Tip In
Ct. 1    Buzzer Beaten                    vs.        SA Acanthocytes
Ct. 2    Just the Tip In                   vs.        UIW Cardinals
Ct. 1    Wolfpack                             vs.        UIW Cardinals
Ct. 2    Ballerpenos                        vs.        SA Acanthocytes

Tennis – Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ct. 1  Cole Hirschhauser              vs.        Zhu Wang
Ct. 2  James Kurian                      vs.        Jared Aleman
Ct. 3  Sibone Munoz                     vs.        Shivani Ruparel
Ct. 4  Shannon Leija                     vs.        Jessica Co
Ct. 1  Takuya Yoshida                   vs.        Manny Godinez
Ct. 2  Cesar Tomasino                  vs.        Jake Remblish
Ct. 3  Roxana De La Garza          vs.        JiEun Moon
Ct. 4  Savanah Stroman               vs.        Kline Jones
Ct. 2  Jake Remblish                    vs.        Dominic Nguyen
Ct. 3  Maria Martinez                   vs.        Megan Ingram
Ct. 4  Nancy Gonzalez                  vs.        Mackenzie Cross

Spring Intramural 2019 Rules/Entry Forms and Schedule with Standings

Sports Game Days Entry Form Schedule/Standings Rules
Co-Rec Softball Mondays Softball Intramural Entry Form Softball Schedule Spring 2019 Corec Softball Rules
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays Ultimate Frisbee Entry Form Ultimate Frisbee Schedule Spring 2019 risbee Rules
Men’s & Women’s Soccer Wednesdays Soccer Entry Form Men’s & Women’s New Sport Coming this Spring??? Soccer Rules
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Thursdays Sand Volleyball Entry Form Sand Volleyball Spring 2019 Volleyball Rules
Co-Rec Soccer Thursdays Soccer Entry Form Soccer – Spring 2019 Soccer Rules
4-on-4 Basketball Mondays Basketball Entry Form Basketball Schedule Spring 2019 4 on 4 Basketball Rules
Co-Rec Indoor Volleyball Sundays Indoor Volleyball Entry Form Indoor Volleyball Spring 2019 Indoor Volleyball Rules
Tennis Singles Wednesdays Tennis Entry Form Tennis Schedule Spring 2019 Rules