Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is a part of Student Life where students, faculty and staff compete against each other in different fun sports.

How to get involved – Sign up your team or as a free agent.  To sign up as a team, fill out the roster form at the bottom of this page for the sport you want to play and return it to the Student Life Office by email;, fax; (210) 567-2644 or in person; 314L of the Medical School.  To play as a Free Agent, email your name, sport and daytime phone number.

Co-Rec. Sand Volleyball – Thursdays, July 27, 2017


Ct. 3    Free Agent D                      vs.        Free Agent N


Ct. 1    Free Agent D                       vs.        NADS

Ct. 2    How I Set Your Mother    vs.        Bump-Set-Stutz

Ct. 3    Free Agent M                      vs.        Free Agent N


Ct. 1    Hustlers                                 vs.        Liscio

Ct. 2    Abbie & Company               vs.        Frank n Beans

Ct. 3    Good Volley Miss Molly     vs.        That’s What She Set


Ct. 1    Hustlers                                 vs.        Substance P.A.

Ct. 2    Liscio                                     vs.        The Extractors

Ct. 3    Gryffindor Spartans           vs.        Deez Nets


Ct. 1    Prank the Tank                    vs.        Dive Hard

Ct. 2    Serv-vivors                           vs.        Occupational Hazards

Ct. 3    Sets on the Beach                vs.        Beta Blockers


Ct. 1    Prank the Tank                     vs.        Sets on the Beach

Ct. 2    Serv-vivors                            vs.        Dive Hard

Ct. 3    Occupational Hazards        vs.        Beta Blockers

Fall Sports Coming this Fall 2017

Co-Recreational Soccer

Co-Recreational Ultimate FrisbeeTuesdays

Flag FootballWednesdays

Co-Recreational Indoor Volleyball, Sundays

Co-Recreational Softball – Mondays

4-on-4 BasketballMondays

Spring Intramural 2017 Rules/Entry Forms and Schedule with Standings

Sports Game Days Entry Form Schedule/Standings Rules
Co-Rec Softball Mondays Softball Intramural Entry Form C0ming Fall 2017 Corec Softball Rules
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays Ultimate Frisbee Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 Ultimate Frisbee Rules
Flag Football Wednesdays Flag Football Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 Flag Football Rules
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Thursdays Sand Volleyball Entry Form Sand Volleyball Summer 2017 Volleyball Rules
Co-Rec Soccer Thursdays Soccer Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 Soccer Rules
4-on-4 Basketball Mondays Basketball Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 4 on 4 Basketball Rules
Co-Rec Indoor Volleyball Sundays Indoor Volleyball Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 Indoor Volleyball Rules
Tennis Singles Wednesdays Tennis Entry Form Coming Fall 2017 Rules
Kickball Sundays Kickball Entry Form Coming Soon –
Fall 2017
kickball rules