Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is a part of Student Life where students, faculty and staff compete against each other in different fun sports.

How to get involved – Sign up your team or as a free agent.  To sign up as a team, fill out the roster form at the bottom of this page for the sport you want to play and return it to the Student Life Office by email;, or in person; 3.056 of the Library.  To play as a Free Agent, email your name, sport and daytime phone number.

Fall Intramural Upcoming Schedules

Indoor Volleyball – Sunday, October 9, 2022

Ct. 1    Servivors                     vs.        Public Enemas
Ct. 2    Stranger Things        vs.        Notorious D.I.G.
Ct. 1    Notorious D.I.G.       vs.        Big Dig Energy
Ct. 2    Stranger Swings       vs.        Public Enemas
Ct. 1    Big Dig Energy          vs.        Give ‘Em a Block
Ct. 2    Beta Blockers            vs.        Servivors
Ct. 1    Suction Squad           vs.        Can You Dig It
Ct. 2    Spike Proteins          vs.        Jakob Smashes Volleyballs
Ct. 1    Dentures and Digs   vs.        Sets on the Beach
Ct. 2    Beta Blockers II       vs.        Notorious S.L.P.

4-on-4 Basketball – Monday, October 10, 2022

Hoops of Henle – Preseason Tournament Basketball Champions

Ct. 1    Hoops of Henle           vs.        The Scrubs
Ct. 2    Student Hoopers        vs.        Fourth Year is the Charm
Ct. 1    Hoops of Henle           vs.        Alexis Plexus
Ct. 2    Golds Gym                  vs.        Fourth Year is the Charm
Ct. 1    hooPsTers                    vs.        Alexis Plexus
Ct. 2    Golds Gym                  vs.        Real Hoopers
Ct. 1    San Antonio Burs       vs.        DILFs
Ct. 2    Nothing But Netters  vs.        Nurse Anest-Assists

Softball – Monday, October 10, 2022

6:00pm  The Deaminators   vs.        Win or Lose, We Booze
6:55pm  Master Gaiters        vs.        Eruption Homeruntomas
7:50pm  Short Coats              vs.        Team Mixz Breed
8:45pm  Disastros                  vs.        Ball & Sockets

Ultimate Frisbee – Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Coming Soon…

Tennis – Wednesdays

Temporarily Suspended due to court renovations…

Co-Rec. Soccer – Wednesday, October 12, 2022

6:00pm  Scrub Tops                          vs.        Look Ma, No Hands
6:50pm  Arse “N” All                         vs.        Anion The Ball
7:40pm  Butternuts                            vs.        Gunners
8:30pm  Man Chest Hair United     vs.        Flossy Posse
9:20pm  Butternuts                            vs.        Sakaguchi’s Strikers

Co-Rec. Sand Volleyball – Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ct. 3    Hits & Giggles          vs.        Gru’s Gorls
Ct. 1    Can You Dig It          vs.        PACO 24’
Ct. 2    Softserve                    vs.        Gru’s Gorls
Ct. 3    Hits & Giggles           vs.        Volleyballers
Ct. 1    PACO 24’                    vs.        Volleyballers
Ct. 2    Netter’s Anatomy      vs.        Gru’s Gorls
Ct. 3    Good Sets                   vs.        Hits & Giggles
Ct. 1    Popped a Volley         vs.        Bump, Set, Spike
Ct. 2    Keep Anion the Ball  vs.        Bumpin Uglies
Ct. 3    Big Dig Energy           vs.        Netter’s Anatomy
Ct. 1    Popped a Volley          vs.        Blocka Blocka EH EH
Ct. 2    Wiggle Warriors         vs.        Keep Anion the Ball
Ct. 3    Bump, Set, Spike        vs.        Bumpin Uglies
Ct. 2    Popped a Volley          vs.        Wiggle Warriors

Fall Intramural 2022 Rules/Entry Forms and Schedule with Standings

Sports Game Days Entry Form Schedule/Standings Rules
Co-Rec Softball Mondays Softball Entry Form Softball Fall 2022 Corec Softball Rules
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays Ultimate Frisbee Entry Form Ultimate Frisbee 2022 Frisbee Rules
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Thursdays Sand Volleyball Entry Form Sand Volleyball Fall 2022 Sand Volleyball Rules
Co-Rec Soccer Wednesdays Soccer Entry Form Soccer Fall 2022 Soccer Rules
4-on-4 Basketball Mondays Basketball Entry Form Basketball Fall 2022 4 on 4 Basketball Rules
Co-Rec Indoor Volleybal7 Sundays Indoor Volleyball Entry Form Indoor Volleyball Fall 2022 Indoor Volleyball Rules
Tennis Singles Wednesdays Tennis Singles Entry Form Fall Coming Soon Rules