UT Health Science Center Student Service Fee Committee

The Student Service Fee (SSF) is a compulsory fee collected to fund UT Health Science Center  student-related services such as the Office of Student Life; the Office of the Registrar; the Student Government Association; and provides support for student orientations; student graduation; the Student Ombudsperson, and the Veterans Advocate. The Student Service Fee Committee reviews and approves all budgets funded through student service fees and administers one-time funding when overages are available.  The Student Service Fee Committee is also charged with reviewing all student fee issues and providing recommendations to UT Health Science Center leadership.

By state statute, student membership must constitute a majority when voting. Student members (5) are appointed by the Student Government Association. Faculty and staff members (4) are appointed by the President with recommendations provided by the Vice President of Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs and the Senior Director, Student Success. The Student Service Fee Committee chair is a non-voting member. A link to the Texas Education Code Sec. 54.503 is HERE.

Please contact the current chair, Dr. John Kaulfus, if you have any questions or concerns: kaulfus@uthscsa.edu .


Committee Members

  • Dr. John Kaulfus (Chair/non-voting), Chief Student Affairs Officer & Title IX Director
  • Mr. Sachin Khosla, Student, School of Health Professions (2nd year)
  • Mr. Mustafa Mithaiwala, Student, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (1st year)
  • Ms. Amanda Le, Student, School of Dentistry (1st year)
  • Ms. Claire Gianelloni, Student, School of Nursing (1st year)
  • Mr. Thomas Lu, Student, Long School of Medicine  (1st year)
  • Mr. Henry Cantu, Director of Admissions & Special Projects-School of Nursing
  • Ms. Amber Sharp, Director, Budget and Financial Planning-Office of CFO
  • Ms. Meredith Quinene, Assistant Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies, School of Health Professions
  • Dr. Rekha Kar, Assistant Professor/Clinical, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Ex Officio Members

  • Mr. Matthew Anderson, School of Health Professions – ex officio
  • Ms. Diana Gonzalez, Bursar – ex officio
  • Mr. Gabe Hernandez, Long School of Medicine – ex officio
  • Ms. Le’Keisha Johnson, Student Life – ex officio
  • Ms. Jennifer Johnstone, School of Nursing- ex officio
  • Ms. Lydia Leos, School of Dentistry – ex officio
  • Ms. Natalina Martinez, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences- ex officio
  • Mr. Oscar Prieto, Office of CFO-ex officio