Reimbursement Policies

GENERAL REIMBURSEMENT POLICIES (Handbook of Operating Procedures 6.2.14)
The following items may not be reimbursed:
1. Gratuities or tips of any kind;
2. Personal phone calls;
3. Personal cleaning and laundry services or clothing rental;
4. Baby-sitting services;
5. Personal entertainment fees of any kind including purchase/rental of alcoholic beverages, videotapes, movies and/or games;
6. Excess baggage charges for personal belongings.

The reimbursement to one student/employee of expenses incurred for or by another student/employee or guest is prohibited. Each student/employee must pay for his/her own expenses.

RECEIPTS FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES (Handbook of Operating Procedures 6.2.15 and 6.2.22)
Original receipts must be submitted for:
1. rented or public transportation;
2. lodging;
3. registration, workshop, and other attendance fees; or
4. miscellaneous purchases (gas for rental cars, books, videos, abstracts, passport, visa, and inoculation fees for foreign travel, etc).

Required receipts consist of:
1. airline passenger coupons;
2. itemized hotel bills with payment shown;
3. car rental agreement/receipts;
4. taxi, shuttle, rail, etc.;
5. parking receipts;
6. charge or cash receipt or copies of checks or charge bill for gas purchases for rental cars, books, videos, abstracts, etc.

Meals & lodging reimbursement are based on actual expenses consisting of single room lodging, breakfast, lunch & dinner. Required receipt is the original itemized hotel bill with payment shown.

If two or more individuals share a room, each needs to claim an equal portion of the room charge. When sharing with an individual not on University business, the traveler may be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed the single room rate. In this situation evidence of the single room rate should be included with receipt.