Student Organization Hosting an Event/Meeting/Fundraiser

Each event, activity, meeting, fundraiser, and community service occurrence requires submission of an Activity request form to the Office of Student Life (OSL) for review and approval before the activity can take place.  The OSL is available to assist organizations with planning events held on campus.

  1. 2 weeks prior to your event complete an Activity Request Form, via this electronic form.
  2. The Activity Request Form  will ask for your Faculty Advisor’s email so they will be notified to review for approval before the Office of Student Life can review for approval.
  3. Once the Office of Student Life has received the approval email from your Faculty Advisor, you will be contacted by the OSL with activity request update. Please note: You will be unable to secure a room or market/advertise for your event until approval is given from the OSL.
  4. Once the Office of Student Life has received the approval email from your Faculty Advisor, the OSL will reply to the Primary Contact Person listed on the Activity Request Form with approval or if additional information is needed.
  5. After you have received approval from the Office of Student Life, event space must be reserved with the appropriate contacts:
    1. For room reservations on campus, complete a Room Reservation Request and email the form to
    2. For reservations on volleyball courts, softball fields, upper/lower fields, and track, contact Ben Rivers in the Office of Student Life 210-567-5220 or email
    3. For School of Nursing atrium and lobby reservations, contact the Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services.


  • Organizations are limited to ONE fundraiser per month. The event must occur within ONE day or 24 hour period.
  • Per Board of Regents Policy C.5, listed in the Regents’ Rules, a registered student organization is not permitted to host an event on campus where alcohol is served. RULE PERTAINS TO ON-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES.

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