Registering/Updating Your Student Organization


  • Orgs. making  a few changes should utilize the NEW Renewal & Change Application
  • Student organizations seeking University recognition must register on an annual basis. The following steps must be completed before a student organization will be recognized: 
Requirement Contents Location
Submit an Executive Summary for Fall 2019- Spring 2020 school year  Executive Summaries are submitted by the outgoing Leadership regarding the accomplishments for the previous year.  Click Here: Executive Summary for 2019-2020
Submit a 2019-2020 Renewal Application Student Organizations must updated their contact information, incoming Leadership and Faculty Advisor for the 2018-2019 year (even if there are no changes from the previous year). Click Here: NEW Renewal  & Change Application

If you are still having difficulties, please email Ellyse Sanchez for further direction.

Submit a copy of the 2019-2020 Bylaws Student Organizations must submit governance documents. Document is uploaded as an option found on the NEW Renewal & Change Application. A copy of a previous year Bylaws are on file in the Office of Student Life.  An Organization can request previous year’s copy by emailing:
Training through the Knowledge Center All members in leadership positions should complete Student Organization Registration Training 1.   Log on to the Knowledge Center:

2.  Go to Course Catalog

3.  Click on Administrative

4.  Launch “Student Organization Registration”

5.  Email a copy of your completed certificate to and identify the Student Organization(s) you are representing.

Review your Student Org Account Make sure to have at least $25 in the Student Org. account Stop by the Office of Student Life, MED 314L.

*Account information will only be given to the registered President and Treasurer of the Student Organization in person.



The Office of Student Life will review your application, and if needed, review with School Departments.  An email notification will be send to the applicants once a decision has been made.

  • Click Here: New Student Organization Application For Help Click contact: Ellyse Sanchez (
  • New Student Orgs must also attach completed Bylaws to the Application.  click here for a sample.
  • All New Applicant Officers listed on the Application must complete the online training in the Knowledge Center. (see above chart for steps to complete).
  • Once all is completed, the Office of Student Life will review the application and bylaws; if approved as a New Student Organization, The Office of Student Life can request a Project ID (PID) for the New Student Organization, which can take 3-6 weeks.