Student Ombudsperson Information

During your time at UT Health San Antonio, you may have issues or concerns that you want to discuss in a confidential and informal manner. Our Student Ombudspersons are here to provide support and confidential, informal, independent, and impartial assistance to students through dispute resolution and problem-solving methods.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the role of a Student Ombudsperson.

What Does a Student Ombudsperson Do?

The Student Ombudsperson provides a safe space where you can share your issues or concerns confidentially and discuss potential solutions. The Student Ombudsperson does not advocate for individuals, groups or entities, but rather for the principles of fairness and equity.

During a session, the Student Ombudsperson will:
• Listen to your concerns.
• Clarify information.
• Identify and evaluate options.
• Provide referrals to other departments (if needed).

What Types of Issues May I Discuss With a Student Ombudsperson?

You may discuss any issue (academic, faculty/student issues, student/student issues, etc.) with a Student Ombudsperson.

Who is the Student Ombudsperson at the UT Health Science Center?

The word “Ombudsman” is Scandinavian and means “representative” or “proxy.” Variations of the term exist (i.e. ombuds, ombudsperson) and are common among those practicing in the ombudsperson field.

 UT Health San Antonio has two Student Ombudspersons: Mrs. Le’Keisha Johnson and Mrs. Ellyse Sanchez.  Mrs. Johnson serves as the Director of the Office of Student Life. Mrs. Sanchez serves as the Senior Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Life.

How Do I Set Up An Appointment With a Student Ombudsperson?

You may set up an appointment with Mrs. Johnson by e-mailing  OR calling 210-567-2651.

Mrs. Le’Keisha Johnson