Health Insurance

The UT System Board of Regents requires students to maintain a valid major medical insurance policy while registered as a student at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. If you do not have your own health insurance policy, you may enroll in the student health insurance plan selected by the UT System. The premiums vary accordingly.

2022-2023 Annual Fees

Student (billed through bursar) $3,313
Student + Spouse ($3,313) $6,626
Student + All Children ($5,315) $8,628
Student + Spouse + All Children $11,941

The rates per semester will vary depending on your academic calendar.

2022-2023 Coverage Dates

 Category  Program(s)  Annual  Fall  Spring/Summer  Summer
 Academic Year Programs  Medical/Dental Students  7/1/22 – 6/30/23
 Half Year Semester Programs

DSPP; DSU-1; DSU-2 fall only; GSBS-New DMP    &  Cert Pre- Professional  GSBS- continuing

 N/A  7/1/22- 12/31/22

        1/1/23-           6/30/23

 Traditional Programs A



 N/A  8/15/22- 12/31/22          1/1/23 –        8/14/23  5/1/23- 8/14/23
 Traditional Programs B  Deaf Education; DSU2 (spring only); GSBS-(New fall only); All School of Health Professions  N/A  8/15/22- 12/31/22

            1/1/23-           5/15/23

 5/16/23- 8/14/23



Students enroll themselves in the student health insurance plan using one of two methods:

  1. Selection of the student health insurance plan through the student portal  to be billed with tuition;
  2. Enroll directly with Academic Health Plans during the open enrollment period. Students who enroll directly with Academic Health Plans must enroll during open enrollment or they will have to wait until the next open enrollment period (unless they have a qualified change of status).  This means students can enroll in the health plan only during the open enrollment dates, much like you do as an employee with your employee insurance.  There will be open enrollment dates for each semester.

What does the student health insurance cover?

The University of Texas System Student Health Insurance Plan covers Injury and Sickness. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to Inpatient Hospitalization, Outpatient doctor’s visits, x-rays, laboratory charges, surgery and emergency care. There are limitations and maximums that may apply.

The video linked below provides a brief overview of the UT student health insurance plan and benefits.

UT Student Health Insurance Plan Information Video

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is available to students and dependents and can be purchased separately on the Academic Health Plans website. If the student chooses to purchase dental coverage for the Dependent, it must be purchased at the same time as the student coverage. The Dependent must have the same coverage as the student. To enroll, complete the  Enrollment Form  found under the “Academic Year Program, Half Year Program, Traditional A&B Program Students” section and send the form directly to Academic Health Plans along with payment. For assistance, contact Academic Health Plans at .

How do I add dependents during the open enrollment period?

To enroll your family, complete the dependent Enrollment Form found under the “Academic Year Program, Half Year Program, Traditional A&B Program Students” section and send the form directly to Academic Health Plans along with payment.   Submit the form and your payment directly to Academic Health Plans. For assistance, contact Academic Health Plans at .

What do I do when a life event has occurred (turning 26, new child, loss of coverage, etc.)  and I need to add myself and/or my dependents to the School’s insurance plan outside of the open enrollment period?

You will need to complete an online Qualifying Life Event Form and submit it and your payment directly to Academic Health Plans. You’ll find the Qualifying Life Event Form listed on the AHP enrollment website HERE. For assistance, contact Academic Health Plans at .

What is my policy number?

The University of Texas System Student Health Insurance Policy Number is 101464 for the medical plan. Your policy number is located on your ID Card. Does this plan meet the new Health Care Reform requirements? This Student Health Insurance plan meets the Final Rules related to Student Health Insurance Coverage as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

How do I update my contact information?

It is very important to make sure that your address, phone number, and email address on file is current and accurate. If not, ID cards, explanation of benefits and other notifications about your student health insurance plan may not get to you. If you have moved or your contact information has changed, please update your contact in your student center. Additionally, please contact AHP at (855) 247-2273 or so they can update their records.

When will I get my insurance cards?

For students who enroll through the student center, payment and information is sent to the insurance company after the student’s first class day. You will receive an insurance card in the mail to the home address in the student system; therefore it is important for the student to maintain the correct home address. If a student needs medical attention before they receive their insurance card, they will need to send an e-mail to: so the office can send their payment to the insurance company earlier.

For students who enroll directly with Academic Health Plans, you should receive an ID card in a few weeks after your enrollment. If you lose your card or need a temporary ID, please contact Academic Health Plans at (855) 247-2273 or .

Doctors and Hospitals

The University of Texas System Student Health Insurance Plan uses BlueChoice PPO Network for its Network Provider. The network consists of facilities and doctors that have joined together to offer services at reduced rates. Expenses may be less in the preferred provider network than would be charges from non-preferred providers.

I am Graduating– Can I extend my coverage?

Graduating students currently enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan are eligible for continued coverage for themselves and dependents for up to 3 months.  To enroll, complete the online form HERE and submit the form and payment to Academic Health Plans.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

If you have questions regarding enrollment, premium or claims and benefits contact Academic HealthPlans at 1-(855)- 247-7587 or help.ahpcare.comUT Health My AHP Care

Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is a part of Student Life where students, faculty and staff compete against each other in different fun sports.

How to get involved – Sign up your team or as a free agent.  To sign up as a team, fill out the roster form at the bottom of this page for the sport you want to play and return it to the Student Life Office by email;, or in person; 3.056 of the Library.  To play as a Free Agent, email your name, sport and daytime phone number.

Spring 2023 Intramural Upcoming Schedules

Indoor Volleyball – Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ct. 1    Servivors                             vs.        Big Dig Energy
Ct. 2    Beta Blockers Original     vs.        Bumpin and Jumpin
Ct. 1    Beta Blockers Original      vs.        Big Dig Energy
Ct. 2    Beta Blockers                      vs.        Bumpin and Jumpin
Ct. 1    The Ball n Sockets              vs.        Dig Fast
Ct. 2    Beta Blockers                      vs.        The Empire Spikes Back
Ct. 1    Sets on the Beach               vs.        The Ball ‘n Sockets
Ct. 2    The Empire Spikes Back  vs.        Ace Inhibitors
Ct. 1    Suction Squad                     vs.        Sets on the Beach
Ct. 2    Good Sets                             vs.        Ace Inhibitors

Flag Football – Sunday, March 26, 2023 – Playoffs

3:00pm  Ball Burnishers                vs.        Bad n’ Barghi
4:00pm  Wuenschanators              vs.        Kiss My Endzone
5:00pm  Ball Busters                       vs.        No Balls
6:00pm  D1 Doods                           vs.        Labral Terrors
7:00pm  Joe BURows                      vs.        Anion the Ball
8:00pm  sTD’s                                   vs.        Scrubs

4-on-4 Basketball – Monday, March 20, 2023

Ct. 1    Hoops of Henle                  vs.        Foul Like C. Diff
Ct. 2    Rinse and Repeat              vs.        The Fab 5 and Anand
Ct. 1    Last Dance                          vs.        Foul Like C. Diff
Ct. 2    San Antonio Burs              vs.        hooPsTers
Ct. 1    San Antonio Burs              vs.        Mo Betta Dental
Ct. 2    The Scrubs                         vs.        Real Hoopers
Ct. 1    The Scrubs                          vs.        Alexis Plexus
Ct. 2    Golds Gym                          vs.        Nothing But Netters

Softball – Monday, March 20, 2023

6:00pm  Eruption Homeruntomas  vs.        Master Gaiters
6:55pm  Eruption Homeruntomas  vs.        Ball & Sockets
7:50pm  The Deaminators                 vs.        Ball & Sockets
8:45pm  Disastros                               vs.        Balls Tcells

Ultimate Frisbee – Tuesday, March 21, 2023

6:30pm  Scoober-Doo                      vs.           Ad Astra

Tennis – Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Ct. 1    Neil Gupta                           vs.        Arush Shekar
Ct. 2    Beverly Nystrom                vs.        Haley Allen
Ct. 3    Flor A. Martinez                 vs.        Leah McBrayer

Co-Rec. Soccer – Wednesday, March 22, 2023

6:00pm  Arse “N” All                     vs.        Rubber Damsterdams
6:50pm  Free Win                           vs.        Anion the Ball
7:40pm  Sakaguchi’s Strikers       vs.        Dyspnea Inducers
8:30pm  Gunners                            vs.        Look Ma, No Hands
9:20pm  Gunners                            vs.        Blue Pills F.C.

Bye: Drillers and Fillers

Pickleball – Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ct. 1    Chicken Fred Bryce             vs.        Picklers
Ct. 2    Carmuku                               vs.        Gunnas
Ct. 3    Backhanded Compliments  vs.      Dill Pickles
Ct. 4    I’ve Got Two Pickles           vs.        Pickleball Busters
Ct. 1    Hammer and Pickle            vs.        Paddle Spankers
Ct. 2    Baby Got Backhand            vs.        Stay Out of My Kitchen
Ct. 3    Pickle Me Pink                     vs.        Made You Dink
Ct. 4    Locas                                      vs.        Sneaky Dinks
Ct. 3    Pickle Me Pink                     vs.        Pickle Scalers
Ct. 1    Koreaboos                             vs.        IM Ping Pong
Ct. 2    Hell’s Kitchen                      vs.        Backhanded Compliments
Ct. 3    Pickle Me Silly                     vs.        The Real Dills
Ct. 4    Two Peas in a Pickle           vs.        Ba-Dink-a-Dinks
Ct. 1    The Full House                     vs.        Prescription Paddlers
Ct. 2    Premarital Sets                    vs.        In a Pickle
Ct. 3    Pickle Shawties                    vs.        Spicy Pickles
Ct. 4    Tickle My Pickle                  vs.        The Big Dills
Ct. 1    The Volley Llamas               vs.        Stingrays
Ct. 2    Baller Baller Dills                vs.        Paddle Spankers
Ct. 3    Serves You Right                 vs.        Picklicious
Ct. 4    Pickle for a Nickle               vs.        The Big Dills
Ct. 1    Smash and Pass                   vs.        Dumb and Dumber
Ct. 2    Dinkin Donuts                     vs.        Designated Dinkers
Ct. 3    Picklers GP33                      vs.        Two Cooks, One Kitchen
Ct. 4    Blu Ballers                            vs.        Pickle Ricks

Co-Rec. Sand Volleyball – Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ct. 3    Wiggle Warriors                  vs.        Balla-gists
Ct. 1    How I Set Your Mother      vs.        Wiggle Warriors
Ct. 2    Hits and Giggles                  vs.        Bumpin Uglies
Ct. 3    Just the Tip                          vs.        Balla-gists
Ct. 1    Bumpin Uglies                     vs.        Volley Percosets
Ct. 2    Hits and Giggles                 vs.        Wiggle Warriors
Ct. 3    Can You Dig It                    vs.        Just the Tip
Ct. 1    Softserve                               vs.        Casual Sets
Ct. 2    Volley PercoSets                 vs.        The Deaminators
Ct. 3    Can You Dig It                    vs.        Good Sets
Ct. 1    Softserve                              vs.        You Can’t Handle the Tooth
Ct. 2    Gru’s Gorls                          vs.        Give ‘em a Block
Ct. 3    Bump, Set, Slayyy              vs.        The Deaminators

Spring Intramural 2023 Rules/Entry Forms and Schedule with Standings

Sports Game Days Entry Form Schedule/Standings Rules
Co-Rec Softball Mondays Softball Entry Form Softball Spring 2023 Corec Softball Rules
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays Ultimate Frisbee Entry Form Coming Soon… Frisbee Rules
Pickleball Thursdays Full Pickleball Spring 2023 Pickleball Doubles Rules
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Thursdays Sand Volleyball Entry Form Sand Volleyball Spring 2023 Sand Volleyball Rules
Co-Rec Soccer Wednesdays Soccer Entry Form Soccer Spring 2023 Soccer Rules
4-on-4 Basketball Mondays Basketball Entry Form Basketball Spring 2023 4 on 4 Basketball Rules
Co-Rec Indoor Volleybal7 Sundays Indoor Volleyball Entry Form Indoor Volleyball Spring 2023 Indoor Volleyball Rules
Tennis Singles Wednesdays Tennis Entry Form Spring 2023 Coming Soon… Rules
 Flag Football



Sunday Nights Flag Football Entry Form Flag Football Spring 2023 Flag Football Rules