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Enrollment and Registration

Add / Drop Classes

Students may add and drop courses via the web during official Web Registration days.

Apply Now

Learn about upcoming deadlines, checklists, and where to apply for each program.

Census Dates

The census date is the date for official enrollment reporting for the University. Learn how the census dates can affect your residency, student aide, verification for enrollment, etc.

Excess Hours

Students can be charged non-resident tuition if their semester hours substantially exceed the requirements of the degree plan.


Students are responsible for assuring that there are no blocks before registration.

New Student Checklist

The new student checklist shows 12 steps to help you prior to orientation. Learn about immunizations, financial aid, the student portal, etc.


An application for readmission by a student who has previously withdrawn is subject to the same requirements.


Students whose residence status is not clearly established should complete a Residency Questionnaire so that a university decision may be determined.

Visiting Students

A student who wishes to attend the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio as a student visitor will need to learn about the admission process.