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Graduating Students: Questions & Checklists

Graduating Students: Questions & Checklists

What makes me eligible to graduate?

Students expected to graduate must submit an Application for Graduation online the semester preceding anticipated graduation. The Office of the University Registrar will conduct a formal degree audit wherein your record will be audited for the following requirements established in part by your department or school:

  • Minimum GPA
  • Completion of your degree plan and all courses/electives
  • Resolution of any missing grades, outstanding failures (F) or incomplete grades (I)
  • Completion of and/or passing grades on prescribed board examinations

Not all students’ programs include all the requirements noted above. Students should contact their departments for more information.

Instructions for Submitting the Graduation Application Online

What else do I need to do?

  • Complete the Application for Graduation in My Student Center.
  • Verify procedures and policies for the publication of your name on your diploma.
  • Check your campus email regularly for announcements from your school and other key offices on campus.
  • Check your holds by logging into My Student Center.
  • Be certain all graduation fee(s) have been paid in full with the Bursar’s Office.

Do I need to clear all my holds?

Not all holds adversely impact your ability to obtain your diploma. The table below explains the impacts various holds have, and the offices responsible for releasing those holds.

Hold for: Restricts Release of Diploma? Responsible Office Contact Number
Immunizations No Wellness 360 (210) 567-WELL (9355)
Student Health Insurance Declaration No Office of Student Life (210) 567-2654
Transcripts Yes Office of the University Registrar (210) 567-2621
Coursework Yes Office of the University Registrar (210) 567-2621
Missing, Failing or Incomplete Grades Yes Office of the University Registrar (210) 567-2621
Exit Interview Yes Office of Financial Aid (210) 567-2635
UTHSCSA Badge & Parking Permit Yes UTHSCSA Police (210) 567-2800

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to attend my school’s Commencement rehearsal?

A: Provided your school elects to hold a rehearsal, attendance is strongly encouraged in order to get acclimated with the order of events, procession, and seating. Your school will contact you by email with more details.

Q: Do I have to turn in my parking permit and UTHSCSA ID badge?

A: Yes. The UTHSCSA Police Department requires these items for the security of campus grounds and facilities, and to control parking congestion. Related correspondence regarding this and related holds will be sent to your UTHSCSA LiveMail account.

Q: Do I have to turn in my UTHSCSA ID badge even if I am staying as a student in another UTHSCSA program?

A: Yes. In many cases you will receive an updated badge identifying your new department or status. Check in with the UTHSCSA Police Department for more information. (210) 567-2800.

Q: If I am receiving more than one degree, will I have to pay multiple fees?

A: Yes; the fee is assessed per certificate and/or degree awarded received within one term.

Q: If I don’t qualify to graduate, will I have to pay the graduation fee(s) again?

A: Yes; it/they must be paid again. The fees do not carry forward.

Q: How do I find Commencement ceremony information?

A: Student Life organizes Commencement each year and will send information directly to graduating students to prepare for the Commencement ceremony. Commencement ceremony information is listed in the Commencement Event section of the Student Life website.

Q: I looked at my academic calendar and it reads “degree conferral.” What does that mean?

A: Degree conferral represents the day on which your degree is officially conferred by the University. This date appears on your diploma and represents the day of which you officially graduated.